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Reduce risk with Auto Filters for Social Wall Moderation

Reduce risk of unwanted social messages on your social display.

Too busy to moderate your content, or worried about something inappropriate slipping through? 

Well you shouldn’t be!

Using automatic filters you can pre-emptively ban specific users and specific words to filter out any messages containing inappropriate or derogatory content.  

Simply add the users or words to the automatic filter section, or use one of our preloaded word lists, and our solution will automatically reject this content.   

We also provide the ability to automatically reject the display of ReTweets (RT) to prevent duplication of messages on your social wall, and a Priority User option to allow specific users to bypass moderation. This is great for your own social posts, as you know they are already safe!

Use automatic filters on their own or in combination with our real-time moderation for complete control of the social content that displays on your wall.

automatic filters tools for SocialWall Pro



Case Usage: ISES Christmas Party

When the International Special Events Society, planned their Christmas party social wall and used #mistletoe as their hashtag, they had not anticipated that Justin Bieber had just released a song with the same name, hence their walls flooded with irrelevant content. To help reduce the volume, any messages containing the word Justin and/or Bieber were automatically removed, saving valuable time. 

Case Usage: Scottish Football Association

When the Scottish Football Association decided to use Social Wall Pro for their international games, they used automatic filters and created an entire word list of potential profanities to block out any rendition of a swear word that might have been used! Better to be $uper $afe 


Brainstorm a list of inappropriate words and/or users that you would like to ban in advance of your event to prevent unwanted social content. 


Create an automatic filter list of ‘friendly’ social accounts to bypass moderation and display social posts from trusted accounts on your wall immediately.