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Automatically Tag messages

Tagging messages that come into your social wall feed is a great way to organize them 

Auto Tag can be used on it's own - putting messages into a "bucket" for easy retrieval later, or it can be used to automatically accumulate messages for use with other social wall features.

Here's some ideas on what you can use Auto Tag for:

  • Q&A sessions - want to separate the questions from the rest of the social conversation on your social wall? Ask your audience to submit questions using a specific keyword or #hashtag and Auto Tag will have them ready for you to retrieve at the touch of a button.
  • Feed images to Photo Grid - displaying collections of images with a specific theme or from specific users to increase engagement? Just let Photo Grid know which Tags to pull through to the display, and let it do the hard work for you!
  • Leaderboards - Leaderboards are great for driving competition and increasing engagement, but sometimes you may want to restrict potential winners to specific segments of your audience, or to those who have focused on certain activities or tasks at your event. Applying a tag to your Leaderboard can do just that, and Auto Tag makes it even easier for you to manage.
  • Contests - running a #selfie or other type of competition is great fun, but you want to make sure winners are chosen from those who have taken part in the task as opposed to everyone who's used the event hashtag. Just let entrants know to use a specific keyword or #hashtag, apply the Tag to the Contest, and Auto Grid will do the rest!

Ultimately, Auto Tag takes care of identifying and collating the right messages and removes the risk of missing any.