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Live Wall on Multiple Display types

Simplicity for Multiple Displays

Want a full screen social wall in one room and a ticker style social feed in another?

Well you aren’t alone. Many of our customers like to use more than one type of social wall display with similar social content. 

To keep things simple we’ve created our mutiple display feature which allows two independent social wall displays to deliver content from a single feed. 

This works especially well in a conference environment where you might want to run a full screen Social Wall in your lounge areas, and a Ticker Style social feed in your seminar rooms.  The Ticker can be integrated along the bottom of the display with alternate content populating the rest of the screen - such as a speaker presentation or video. 

Maybe you have a specific theme for different zones at your event? No problem you can have different social wall designs to coordinate with your individual themes.  

Get in touch with our team today, to learn more about this feature and how it could be used at your next event.



Great British Racing social wall displays Royal Ascot

Case Usage: SiteCore

To compliment various event themes at the SiteCore Digital Trendspot conference, five different social wall designs were used for each theme - Arcade Gamer, Die Hard Clubber, Gambler, Sports Bar, and Trendy Bar Dweller.  The social conent was the same, but the look and feel was totally different to coordinate with each room's theme and colors. 

Case Usage: Mobile World Congress

When Mobile World Live broadcasts from Mobile World Congress each year they use two totally different social wall displays. Below the live video feed from the studio they use a custom ticker style display that integrates one social post (text and profile picture only) alongside the live feed. In areas where a full screen social wall is possible they display multiple messages and shared pictures to encourage more interaction on social media. 

Creative spark

Why not make your social walls even more distinctive by having different designs in different zones, using our multiple display feature. Have a fun party theme near a bar area, and contrast it with a corporate look and feel in the seminar rooms - there are so many possibilities!


Place your walls in high traffic areas such as lounges, registration areas, and conference halls to get the most out of your aduience.