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Enhance Fan Engagement

Build up excitement at the same time as encouraging fans to engage and connect by using a social wall.

Ever heard of a Hashtag Battle? They're a great way of driving competition between two teams or opponents.


See SocialWall Pro in action during Sports events


Heighten Team Spirit

Spark competition beyond the playing field! Run a Hashtag Battle and inspire the audience to vote for their favorite athlete or team by using specific hashtags in their Tweets and Instagram posts. Fans may not win on the playing field but they can win the battle on the big screen!

Extend Sponsorship Opportunities

Looking for new ways to incorporate sponsors? A social wall offers a contemporary way to promote sponsors at sporting events. Video, images, and messages can all be displayed for the greatest impact!

Curb the Hooligans

Sport can bring out the best, and worst in people. To put your mind at rest, all our social walls come with moderation tools so you can ensure everything that appears on your screens is appropriate, keeping a safe, fun and friendly environment!

Champions Series - London - UK Swimming competition in London - UK

Why use a Social Wall ?


Federate fans to make them proud of their team, they WILL take about your event


Connect supporters with their team, let's make them fight friendly through social networks


Reach a wider audience even outside your event


Make your event fun, offer goodies, organize contests,.. Attendees will never forget

And now ?

Let's play with SocialWall Pro for free and discover our affordable pricing plans!