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Published on March 27th, 2020

Don't cancel. Postpone or Pivot to virtual

What’s and Why a virtual event?

First, it's about understanding what a virtual event is and its challenges. It is not enough to stream a video for your virtual event to be a success.

Siobhan Graham from Workcast, in his article When Does a Webinar Become a Virtual Event? offers us to understand the difference between a webinar and a true Virtual Event.

Well, a webinar is defined as an online seminar that connects the audience to the webinar host, whereas a virtual event is a multi-session online event that involves people interacting in a virtual environment, rather than a physical one.

The interaction of the participants is indeed a key element of an event. And their virtual version should not minimize it.

“47% of people are more likely to ask a question at a virtual event.”
"You'll attract up to 63% more people to your online event than if you hosted it physically..."

Engagement, engagement, engagement

Even in a virtual event, the key is to satisfy the participants by making them interact. And it is quite possible, even if they are not in the same room as your speakers.

It is hard enough to keep attendees focussed when they are sitting in a ballroom but it is going to be exponentially more difficult when they are sitting at home on their couch. To keep their engagement high, make your attendees feel they are heard and part of the event.

Danielle Rooney from Eventbrite gives us some elements of reflection and organization in How to Keep Attendees Engaged During Virtual Events

  • Create natural pause points for people to chime in
  • Put a face to the voice
  • Use interactive features
  • Enlist a passionate speaker/performer/talent
  • Ensure your technology is up to the task.

Ok, lets move to virtual

Kaitlin Colston from Endless events invites us to think about how to properly transform a live event into a virtual event in his article How to Turn Your In-Person Event into a Virtual Event

How do I get it online? How Do I Plan My Virtual Event? Technical Aspects of a Virtual Event. To Go Live or Not to Go Live? Replacing in Person-Networking at Your Virtual Event

So many questions to ask. But do not panic. Main rule, do not rush and answer each of these questions in order to choose the right options, the right partners and the right tools

Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None

And these points are reinforced by the opinion of Mariana Fernandes of Endless Events in Virtual Event Platforms: Why An "All-In-One" Solution Just Won't Cut It

"Because here’s the kicker when it comes to the services that promise everything, from the streaming to the chat rooms, and beyond – they’re not specialized."

Choose the right product and the right people for the right services.



In conclusion, we remind you that there are therefore alternatives to the simple cancellation of your events. If you have no other choice than to postpone it, be patient and take the time to tweak it to make it extraordinary and with high added value.

Otherwise, go virtual, but have the support of professionals who, through their expertise, will bring the necessary quality to your event to make it unforgettable.


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