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Published on December 9th, 2019

Polling : Ranking Question type is now available

By proposing a Ranking question to your attendees, you ask them to rank the different answers in order of preference. The most preferred choice will receive more points. Then, you can display the results to find the winning answer that will receive the most points.


How to use the Ranking Question

In the Tool, choose the Ranking Question type. Then, enter your question and the different possible answers.

Once opened, the question will be asked to your attendees through the Live App. Each attendee can then compare the answers to each other by ranking them in order of preference.

The first choice receive the most points. If you have 3 possible answers, the first choice will receive 3 points, the second choice 2 points and the last choice 1 point.


Display the results

Of course, what is interesting and fun is to see the results. You can display them live on your Wall or just wait to close the question before displaying them.

By default points will be displayed among the different possible answers and you'll discover the most prefered choice.

If you want to customize the way you want to display the result, contact our design team and we'll discuss about your needs! In the next examples, only the number of voting people is displayed.


Create a free account to test our voting/polling solution.

Read more about the feature.

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