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Published on August 22nd, 2018

This year, your diploma ceremony will be interactive...

Graduation Day is the high point of any college or university course. It rounds off several years of study and shared living. And it opens up a bright future for the young graduates. So for them, it’s a major event!

Your establishment is where the students work to gain their precious diplomas. But it’s also at the heart of a great community of students, alumni, groups and enterprises. So the diploma ceremony is a chance to bring them all together again and celebrate the qualities of your teaching. 

SocialWall Pro can strengthen interactivity during your graduation ceremony

Often, these events feature a cocktail reception, a party or a closing gala that will leave a lasting impression. Installing a SocialWall Pro will boost interactivity throughout your event and will reach out far beyond those attending. Their friends and family and your former students will be able to take part remotely, and even send their congratulations in real time.

Installing a SocialWall Pro will in no way detract from the academic dignity of your event. Rather, it will add a likeable, interactive dimension. Your speakers and officials can even use it proactively to invite questions from the audience.

Boost your social network presence

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook… Social media and networks are a way for people to publicly express their joy, congratulate their children and friends, and share photos of a memorable moment. These three platforms, regularly used by your students, can be integrated into your SocialWall Pro thread. Simply choose the package that suits you best and start using the Web as your sounding board.

The best approach is to create a dedicated hashtag for the ceremony and then go all-out to promote it. It will be used both as part of your ceremony itself and to let people follow it and take part remotely – or later on. 

“Congratulations, Martin, Grandad and Grandma are proud of you!”

With your SocialWall Pro, even the less tech-savvy won’t feel left out. They’ll be glad to know that they can also text their messages and congratulations from their phones. 
To activate this sms texting function, just ask our team and they’ll send you a tailor-made offer. 

So as you can see, installing a SocialWall Pro will add real value to the style and visibility of your diploma ceremony. 

Many establishments have already found that out for themselves. How about yours?

* Cover photo credit to Stephanie Rady

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