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Published on April 7th, 2020

This year, your diploma ceremony will be virtual ...

Community celebration

A while ago, we shared with you our clients’ enthusiasm for organizing graduation ceremonies accompanied by a Social Wall solution which provides, among other things:

  • increased interactivity during the ceremony
  • strengthening the spirit of community
  • boosting their institution's presence on social networks


By anyone from anywhere

During this troubled period, many ceremonies will be organized via teleconference or in small groups.

Never mind, using a solution like SocialWall Pro is especially interesting because it allows everyone to participate virtually in the ceremony. Sending greetings is very easy, takes no time and requires basic skills.

Gathered on a Wall, all the congratulations, thank you or encouragement photos sent by all the family members, friends, relatives can then be viewed from all over the country ... see the world.


For any occasion

The use of a Social Wall in universities or colleges does not stop at these ceremonies.

Whether it is integrated on a dedicated website, streamed on the institution's official school channel or physically on screens, the potential uses are multiple and the benefits numerous.

A well prepared community action, amplified by social networks often gives very surprising results!


Contact us to discuss about it or create your free account and set up your Wall in a few clicks.

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