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SocialWall Pro Support, Help and FAQ

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Adjusting the Speed and Shuffle of Your Social Wall

My social wall is really slow, can I speed up my wall?

In our Pro tool under Moderation there is a message flow section that allows you to adjust the speed of your wall. Simply adjust the speed up or down depending on your needs.

Can I pause a message on screen?

if you are using our Pro tool, you can access a remote control under the Message Flow are of moderation, where you can pause, play and scroll through messages.

How can I manage significant social volume? What If have many messages?

High volume social traffic may be managed by using filters in moderation to select the most appropriate content. Additional controls are availble in our Message Flow feature of Modeation in our Pro Tool to ensure the most recent content is displayed at all times.

My wall is shuffling old content, how can I adjust this?

Social walls are automatcally set up to shuffle when no new content is recieved. Adjustments to these settings are availalbe under Message Flow of Moderation in our Pro Tool. The shuffle feature may be turned on or off and adjusted based on time or volume.