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SocialWall Pro Support, Help and FAQ

Check out our step by step SocialWall Pro support and browse through our FAQs

Getting started with SocialWall Pro

How do I create an account on SocialWall Pro?

To create an account, click on log in at the top of the website and follow the onscreen instructions.

Why should I create an account?

An account is useful for running and storing all of your event social walls. With a single account, you will have access to your reports (Pro user), acesss to your receipts and more.

How do I configure a SocialWall?

To configure a social wall, simply log in or create an account at the top of our website. Once logged in define your social content, personalize your design and test your social wall for as long as you like. Once you are ready to launch a live wall simply activate and choose your our BasicTool or ProTool. Or for a custom design contact us for our Premium Services.

What social content can I display with SocialWall Pro?

Our social walls display unlimited Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (Pro only) social content. as standard. Additional social platforms such as SMS, web messages, and email are available with our premium services.

Is there software to install?

No, SocialWall Pro is a web-based solution. You can access from anywhere, at anytime.

Where is the best place for your social wall at your event?

A social wall is best placed in areas where crowds gather. (Networking lounges, speaker sessions, exhibition halls, are just a few suggestions).

Do you provide customer support?

Yes, of course. We offer a range of support options. Within the SocialWall Pro tool you will find an icon with a question on each area of the Tool with helpful tips. If these tips did not answer your question, you can access further support by clicking on the support icon on the top right of the social wall tool. From here you can run a diagonsitic for basic troubleshooting, get access to our most popular FAQ's and if your event is up and runnning you can direclty message our support team 24/7 and someone will respond to you ASAP. For full services and extra support, we offer additional support options such as onsite support, remote support or full moderation services as part of our premium offering.