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SocialWall Pro Support, Help and FAQ

Check out our step by step SocialWall Pro support and browse through our FAQs

My Social Wall Subscription and Purchases

How do I purchase a SocialWall?

From My Social Walls click on the green Activate button for the social wall you want to use.  If you are in the Wall set up screen the green Activate button is located on the top right of the window. On the next screen choose between Per Event, Monthly Subscription or Yearly Pass then click on Buy Now for BasicTool or ProTool or Get a Custom Quote for Premium Services.  

For BasicTool and ProTool purchases complete your Invoice and Card details in the boxes.  For Premium Services complete the contact details requested and we'll be in touch very soon. 

Are there any additional costs included to start working with SocialWall Pro?

Costs are dependent on which tool you choose. Basic and Pro have fixed pricing, but if you are looking for any of premium services such as design services, additional message platforms or support services additional charges apply.

What payment options do you support?

We accept most major credit cards and when working with our premium services we can also accept direct wire transfer.

Do I have to pay VAT?

If you are a Belgian company, Belgian private individual we charge 21% VAT. If you are an EU business other than a Belgium business you do not have to pay VAT, but you must inform us of your business VAT number for reporting purposes. If no VAT number is provided or you are an EU individual without a VAT number, you will be charged your country's VAT rate.


What is VAT?

VAT is a value added tax, which SocialWall Pro is required to collect and document from EU countries. If you are outside the EU, this does not apply.


Why do we request a VAT number?

Reporting VAT numbers for all EU countries is a legal requirement. This number will be listed on your invoice.

Is there a discount for educational or non-profit organizations?

Yes, we offer a 15% discount for these type of organizations. Simply contact us today and we'll organize the special pricing.

Where can I find Terms of use?

You can read them here or you can find them at the bottom of any page.

How can I see my receipts?

To find your receipts, login to your account which will take you to your Dashboard. From your dashboardd, right click on your username and then select 'My Purchases.' All receipts will appear in a list.

How do I cancel automatic renewals for my SocialWall Pro subscription?

Yes, monthly and annual licenses are set up to autorenew.

Will my monthly or annually subscription renew automatically?

To disable auto renewals, login to your account. From your dashboard, right click on your username on the far right and go to My Profile. In the My Profile section there is a 'My Subscription area. From here you can adjust the renewal.

Can I extend my wall?

Yes to extend your wall simply click on the extend option on the bottom left when you are in the social wall tool.  From here you can extend your wall by the desired number of days.