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SocialWall Pro Support, Help and FAQ

Check out our step by step SocialWall Pro support and browse through our FAQs

Designing & Selecting Your Social Wall Template

What is a social wall template?

A social wall template is a specific look and feel to display social content.

Which social wall template is the best?

With a miniumum of 10 social wall templates to choose from in our Basic Version and 16 in our Pro version there are a lot of choices. To choose the one that is best for you consider the size of your screen, audience size, and expected volume. If you have a smaller audience and/or screen a single message display option might be best, so that everyone will be able to see it. Also if there is lower volume it takes longer to display one at a time, then it is does with five at a time.

Can I upload a logo to my social wall?

Yes, standard with our SocialWall Pro Tool is the ability to upload a logo. Simply upload the logo of your choice in png or jpeg format in the 'logo integration' section.

Can I upload a background?

Yes, standard with our SocialWall Pro Tool is the ability to upload a background image. Simply upload the background of your choice in png or jpeg format in the 'Background upload' section.

Can I change the colors of my wall ?

Yes, using our color palette tool in both our Basic and Pro versions you cany choose a range of colors for your social wall. Simply select the color of your choice or enter in specific hex codes for a direct brand match.

Can I customize/personalize my social wall ?

Yes, of course, depending on the plan you choose you will be able to personalize your wall colors (Basic and Pro) and upload branding elements such as your logo and background (Pro version). For a complete custom design including your fonts our premium services are available.

Can I use a custom design?

For a completely unique social wall, we offer premium services. Simply get in touch with us and one of our Account Managers will work with you to create your custom design.

Do you have a ticker style social wall?

Yes, we have two Ticker social walls and both are available with our ProTool.

To use the Ticker social walls alongside alternate content you will require either an AV mixer (sourced from an AV provider), or our SWP Ticker App that can integrate with PowerPoint or Keynote presentations.

The Ticker Style social wall fills 20% of the screen height, regardless of the resolution. For example, on a full HD screen resolution of 1920px by 1080px, the Ticker would be 216 pixels in height.

The Flipboard Ticker social wall fills 30% of the screen height. So on a full HD screen, the Ticker would be 330px in height.

Both ticker social walls can be placed at the top or bottom of the screen via the template settings in the Tool.

Is there an animation that works in portrait?

Yes, our 'Portrait' template available in our Pro Tool is designed to be used in portrait mode.

How do I personalize my display hashtag?

In the template settings, you can adjust the social icons and text in the field marked 'Display hashtag.' Simply add or remove the relevant social content and type in the appropriate text.

Can I remove the SocialWall Pro Logo?

The SocialWall Pro longer displays permanently when using our basic tool. If you are using the Pro Tool, you can hide the Powered By SocialWall Pro in the template settings.

Can I remove pictures from my wall?

Yes, in the template settings of your social wall, simply change the show pictures option to no and only text of social messages will appear on your wall.

Can I remove videos from my social wall?

Yes, in the template settings simply switch the videos off and instead of playing the video your wall will display a single still image of the video.