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SocialWall Pro Support, Help and FAQ

Check out our step by step SocialWall Pro support and browse through our FAQs


Why is my display not displaying properly?

Our walls are optimized to display over the most common 16/9 and 4/3 resolutions and work the best with using Chrome as browser. We recommend first adjusting to Chrome and if you are still having display issues, it is likely that you are using a screen resolution that is not supported. If you have a unique resolution, we can work with you to optimize your social wall to fit this resolution, in advance of your event.

Why are some of my pictures cropped or cut off?

Depending on the template you have chosen images display differently. With some templates images are stretched to fit a defined area. With this format images may be cropped. if you do not wish for this to happen you can use a different template or if relevant for the designated template, you can change the template settings to cover or contain. With the contain mode the full image will be displayed but this may mean there is some blank space aroudn the photo. With the cover option a picture is stretched or cropped for the display.

Why are use profile pictures blurry?

Profile picture quality is dependent on the quality of the indvidual users own photos. If the profile picture an individual user uploaded is low then chances are the photo will appear blurry. Social wall templates with smaller profile pictures will help avoide this issue. Many templates also have the option to show profile pictures in the background. This feature may be switched off in the template settings.

Why does my social wall keep displaying hte messages 'waiting for messages'?

Have you checked your Internet connection? If you are not connected, our system will not be able to retrieve social content.

Why aren't messages appearing in my moderation panel?

There are several possible reasons. Let’s try to find which one applies in your case : 

  • Have you checked on social platforms that new posts have been posted since you have started to moderate? If there is nothing new, you won’t see any messages appearing in the moderation panel.
  • Do you have more than one moderation window open? If there is more than one person in moderation or if you have moderation open in two windows, messages will be split up between the two different windows, with a max of 10 messages each.
  • Have you checked your Internet connection? If there is a loss in internet connectivity the system will no longer receive new messages.

Why do old messages keep displaying?

There are several possible reasons. Let’s try to find which one applies to your situation.

  • Have you checked your Internet connection? By default, our animations display old messages until new ones arrive. If there is no connection, no new messages will arrive.
  • Have you checked on social channels to see that new social posts are coming through. Just like when there is no Internet connection, no new soccial posts will be displayed if there isn't any new content.
  • Have you recently accepted messages? If you are using Manual Moderattion you will need to accept all messagess before they are released. Check the manual moderation area to see if there are messages waitiing to be reviewed. If you just refreshed your wall, your wall will play through the oldest 50 messages and then new messages will appear.

I think my social wall is missing messages? What could be wrong?

If your social wall is missing social content, it's likely for one of these reason. 

  • 1) the display laptop has lost internet connectivity and therefore is not communicating with the back end system.
  • 2) the users who have posted are private users. Only public user cotent may be displayed.

My advertisment isn't playing correctly

There are a number of reasons why your advertisement may not be playing properly. 

  • 1)Do you have a high speed internet connection? Is your file less than 50MB. If the file is too large then the system will have trouble playing the video. Reduce the size and this should improve the advertisement. 
  • 2) Double check that you have scheduled the advertisement correctly?

I have black lines on either side of my advertisement

If you have blank areas in your advertisement it is because the file that you have used is smaller than the resolution of your screen. For optimal advertisements it is best use an advertisement that is the same as your screen resolution.

I can't take my wall fullscreen

Check that you are using chrome as a browser as some alternate browswers have been known to have issues. Another alternative is to add the following to the end of the live url . /fullscreen and then hit control F11on a Windows laptop or CMD+SHIFT+F or CMD+CTRL+F on a Mac.

My event is running longer. Can I extend my wall subscription?

If your event is running longer, you can simply extend your wall by clicking on the extend button in the SocialWall Pro tool, below the navigation menu.

These questions aren't helping. Can I get in touch with someone?

If you are running an active wall you will be able to submit a support request directly to our support team. Simply follow the onscreen instruction, following the diagnostic, enter in the issue and one of our team members will be in touch as soon as possible.