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SocialWall Pro Support, Help and FAQ

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SocialWall Pro Ticker App

How does the SWP Ticker App work?

When the Ticker App is launched it generates a full screen Ticker social wall that overlays existing content on your desktop or projector/screen display.  Although the Ticker appears to be at the “front” or “active”, it isn’t. The social wall is purely floating in the foreground, leaving everything on your desktop selectable behind it (even if you can’t see it).

The App is designed for use with PowerPoint and Keynote applications, allowing you to move through your presentation slides as you would usually do, with the Ticker floating on top.

You may notice  that it is possible to see the same effect using any content or application launched behind the Ticker, but please be aware that when using  a Mac,  and launching applications other than PowerPoint or Keynote in “full screen” mode, the Ticker will not be visible.


What are the technical requirements for using the app?

The app is compatible with Windows on PC or Mac OS. You will also need Microsoft PowerPoint or Keynote (Mac) installed.

You can also use the SWP Ticker app over any application in fullscreen mode (VLC for your videos for example).

What social wall templates can be used with the SWP Ticker App

The app only works with Ticker Style and Flipboard Ticker social walls available in our Pro Plan.

IMPORTANT: The Chroma Key setting must be set to Transparent in the Design > Template Settings.

Why can't I click on the Ticker?

The Ticker “floats” on top of other screen content, it is not selectable itself and can only be adjusted via the app.

Why can't I see the content behind the Ticker?

Make sure you set the The Chroma Key setting must be set to Transparent in the Design > Template Settings.

Where can I find the Public Wall URL to be used in the SWP Ticker App

  • From your dashboard, click on the eye in front of the Wall you want to display


  • From the Wall configuration page, click on the "Open Social Wall Preview" then on "Open your Live Social Wall"

Then copy/paste the URL from the browser.

I can't see the bottom text on my slides

That's correct, your Wall covers part of your slides.

When designing your presentations, make sure you allow space for the social wall on your screen so that it doesn’t cover up key points or cut off images:

  • Ticker Style template fills 20%
  • Flipboard Ticker template fills 30% of the screen height