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SocialWall Pro Support, Help and FAQ

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Promotion & Sponsorship

How can I integrate event sponsors in my social wall?

There are many different ways to incorporate sponsors in your social wall using our Pro version. You can upload their logo alongside yours, integrate them in your background, and/or use our advertising feature to display a video or static image. For multiple sponsors, our sponsor loop is also an interesting option to display many sponsor logos at once.

What is the highlight feature?

The highlight feature is used to call attention to particular users and/or messages. Using the tagging feature you can designate a message to 1) have the profile picture blink or have a white flash appear to call attention to a single message. or 2) You may set up automatic highlights based on a set user.

What is the advertisement feature?

The advertisement feature is used to upload video/and or static images on your social wall. Scheduled on demand or at set intervals, these are great to promote your sponsors, advertise future events/ speakers, revewal products and so much more.

What is the best format for video advertisements?

We recommend FLV (Flash) or MP4 format for videos. For optimal vieiwing the file should be less than 50MB. The video specs should match the format of your screen. (16 x9 versus 4/3)

What is the best format for images in advertisements?

Images for advertisements should be designed based on your screen resolution and ratio. (16 x 9 versus 4/3). png or jpeg format may be uploaded.

How can i incorporate multiple event sponsors?

Working with our design team, we can integrate a sponsor loop in your social wall that rotates through many different sponsors or you can integrate sponsor logos in your background, or create an advertisement to interrupt your social wall at key times with sponsor logos.