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SocialWall Pro Support, Help and FAQ

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Setting up Social Platforms

What Twitter content can be displayed on my wall?

Our system automatically curates public Twitter content based on designated: hashtags, mentions of @username, messages from a designated @username, keywords or Twitter lists. These may be adjusted and reviewed with the social platform of your social wall tool.

What Instagram content may be displayed on my wall?


Thanks to your linked Business Instagram account, it will be possible to:

  • Collect Instagram posts containing a hashtag, with the limitation of using 30 hashtags on a 7-day rolling window
  • Picture, video and comment are collected and displayed

Why can't I display Instagram content based on an @username?

Instagram does not allow access to this content.

Why do I have to link an Instagram account to SocialWall Pro?

In compliance with Instagram regulations this is a requirement to retreive and display content.

What about December 2018 Instagram changes

During 2018, Instagram made important changes to its platform and its API (In computer programming, an application programming interface - APIs - a set of subroutine definitions, communication protocols, and tools for building software). 

These more or less important changes were planned to be done throughout the year. The goal of the company is to migrate (all) their partners to the IT architecture of Facebook (owner of Instagram) and its Graph API.

Read more about these changes and how they can influence your experience on SocialWall Pro

Can I show Tweets from a protected Twitter or Instagram account on my social wall?

If you are trying to bring your own Tweets from a protected account we can work with you individually to bring this content in. Otherwise the answer is no. We only have access to pull in public social information.

What Facebook content may be displayed on my wall?

New posts to a public page and comments to individual posts may be displayed on your wall.

Why do I not have access to add Facebook content to my wall?

If you are using our Basic tool you will only have access to Instagram and Twitter. You will need to upgrade to Pro to access Facebook.

Why do I have to link my Facebook account to SocialWall Pro?

In compliance with Facebook regulations to get full access to all Facebook content, you need to link a Facebook account that has admin access to the relevant page that you wish to display.